Everyone has their fears although most of us would not like to admit to the fact but deep down we all are afraid of something. At an early age most of us are scared of the dark or monsters under the bed. Some are afraid of heights whereas some of us are afraid of enclosed spaces such as elevators. I on the other hand have a very different kind of fear, the fear of the end of the world and to top it all off ZOMBIES!!!! Yes you read it right, I am afraid of encountering the living dead. Maybe it’s because of watching too many Hollywood films of this genre but who knows what’s cooking in all these Government financed science labs, maybe it’s a deadly virus that will lead to the end of the

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world and unleash zombies upon the human kind. So I decided to come up with a list of things necessary for you to know in case my worst fears are realized and a few living souls are left to fight for their lives against the un-dead.

1)      Use your head, cut off theirs: Not trying to sound too macho or anything but if after watching all the horror films one thing will stop those zombies for sure is to cut off their heads at the first opportunity you get i.e. SHOW NO MERCY!!

2)      No place is safe, only safer: When seeking to take refuge in an abandoned building, keep one thing in mind that no place on the earth is safe anymore. Sure, you might feel secured in a building with a single exit that you have barricaded but those sick things will sooner or later find a way in and have your brains for a nice buffet dinner. So don’t get complacent even once.


3) Change countries: Maybe your hometown is the only place   that   has been affected; maybe those nerdy Asians have already found the cure. It’s worth a shot to go in search of greener pastures, you will not even need to buy a flight ticket anymore because, guess what, that beautiful attendant who always checked your flight ticket before boarding the plane is just an ugly zombie now.

  4)      Raid a gun store: Hey no one is going to judge you anymore!! Forget all your morals; forget all that you have been taught about stealing. Survival is much more important right now than acting as a model citizen for the city filled with zombies. Just go raid a gun store and stock up as much as possible on both arms and ammo because you can practice your aim on those zombies from a safe distance.

5)      Stay away from the capitals: Of course all of us grew up wanting to live in the big city and enjoy all the hustle 3and bustle that comes with it but until a cure is found it is much safer to make base at a far off location on the country side where the zombies will find it difficult to locate your all so delicious human brain. And without zombies running around in three piece suits and latest Armani accessories around you, you will have ample time to build a fortress.

Hopefully the above points will help you survive a little bit longer and maybe even outlast the dawn of the dead but in case you are rich enough you can always build yourself a house on the moon and book your flight ticket right before the outburst.


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