London, I miss you!


I hate hurried trips. Whenever I’m traveling, I like to plan it nicely. However there are days when you don’t have enough time for planning and thinking. This was exactly my situation a few months back. The firm I was training with gave me an opportunity to attend a conference in London. It was a three-day function and I had to travel right away. I had never been to London and worst I had never travelled alone before. Though the thought of attending the conference excited me but the travel scared me. The firm gave me the opportunity of attending the conference. However I had to bear all the expenses myself including the airfare. Also I had to be back at work on the fourth day.

It was a great opportunity. I didn’t want to miss it. The first and most important thing was to book a ticket. I didn’t know how easy it was to find cheap tickets to London till I looked for them. Actually you can find cheap airline tickets to any place these days. The world of Internet has made things so accessible and easy.  It took very little time to book a flight to London, that too at a very cheap price. I was happy.


London is a big, busy city. I just had three days there. Most of my daytime was spent at the conference, which left me with late afternoons and evenings to myself. London has many car services available at all times. Out of those, you can find multiple cheap car services. Though the London tube is extremely popular, I didn’t have enough time for exploring. I booked a car service, which took me wherever I wanted. This saved me a lot of time. Also I didn’t have to find ways to all these places I wanted to visit. The driver would just take me wherever I told him to go.

The first thing to see was the London Eye. London eye is the world’s highest observation wheel. One ride almost takes thirty minutes. In these thirty minutes, you get to see many of London’s famous landmarks. Though I’m scared of heights, I took the plunge and sat on it. The experience was breath taking. Next place I visited was Madame Tussads. I met a number of famous personalities from different eras and took numerous pictures with them. So what if they were wax statues, they looked so real! I visited Tower of London next. I’ve always been fascinated by history and this place didn’t fail to fascinate me more. I had to make myself come back from there. Whatever time I was left with was spent at Oxford Street shopping. Oxford Street is a dream come true for shopaholics. What I loved the most were the designer outlet stores there. I bought multiple bags and shoes at such great deals.

The conference was amazing. I got to meet so many people from my profession. It was not only informative but also helped me greatly in networking. Apart from that, I saw the highlights of London in three days. I experienced the London eye, took pictures at Madame Tussads, went to the London tower and got some great deals at the Oxford Street. What more could I ask for! I was back at work the fourth day wearing my new designer bag, with loads of pictures in my laptop to show to my colleagues. London, I miss you!


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