Life in Manhattan

In today’s world, everything has become so expensive. With the recession and inflation going side-by-side, life has become hard. Making ends meet is a tough job nowadays. The finance sector has been hit by recession the most. Top-notch officials are being laid off leaving families worried with all the mortgage payments and bills. It’s not just an issue with the high officials. Even people with small odd jobs are struggling with keeping their jobs. Poverty has become a worldwide issue. It will take a long time to cover the damage done by recession. People will have to learn to live with it for the time being by making adjustments to their way of living.


Here’s a perfect example. You were working for a corporate company located in Manhattan making big dollars.  Your lifestyle matched your earnings and the Manhattan rich community. One day you found out that you no longer had your amazing highly paid job. The question is how to live in a small budget when you’re used to spending a lot. It would definitely require big alterations to the way you’re used to living.

The first thing is your accommodation. I’m sure if you worked in Manhattan, you must have gotten an apartment there too. It’s time to move out. There are many small towns or suburbs near your city, which could be an ideal choice for you. Life in the big city is always expensive. Accommodation, taxi fares, food, and clubs…everything is high-end in terms of price. Moving to a smaller town would mean saving up on a lot of things. You could get cheap accommodation in a good locality very easily.  Public transport is also very cheap there. Keeping a car in the suburbs is not expensive either. Parking is free in most areas. Living in the suburbs also means enjoying neighborhood barbeque parties and staying away from loud traffic and over populated streets. Enjoy the peace in a budget friendly way.

If you like to travel, there are many ways to cut down there too. Firstly, look for destinations, which are less touristy and inexpensive. Places with cheap hotels and travel would be ideal. You could start with cheap airline tickets. Finding low rate flights is not a mystery. It is actually a very easy task if you try a little. Many websites selling airline tickets have discounts on them. You can easily find a suitable cheap airline ticket within a few minutes of web search. Furthermore instead of staying in five star hotels, you could go for a four star this time. Four-star hotels are quite comfortable which lack only a few small extra benefits from a five star hotel. In terms of hotel bookings, you can find great deals online. Many times you can find combined hotel and air ticket deals very cheap.

Affinia Manhattan hotel

There are many other small modifications, which you can make to your lifestyle. These small changes will eventually have a huge impact on your savings. Till you find a good enough job, look for areas where you can save. You never know but the big city girl in you might start enjoying the suburb life!


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