Cheap Tickets Makes Flying Easy

I love a good bargain. Who doesn’t, right? Well, recently I discovered that there are a lot of websites that offer almost 50% cheaper tickets. The recession still has its dark clouds thundering over us, and I try to save up where I can. There are a lot of websites that offer flights tickets at cheaper rates, but the one that I’ve tried is and I’m pleased with my experience.


There are so many popular websites out there which claim to have the most discounts on tickets.  News flash everyone, it’s all a scam. Most people just eat up the claim and make these websites what they are today. This happens when people don’t do their research. Always, always do your research when it comes to traveling.

It’s been ages since I flew anywhere. I didn’t have the energy or income to do so. Sometimes I come across pictures of exotic places online and my heart yearns to visit them all. I remind myself that I have a mortgage and bills to pay. Travelling isn’t a priority right now. Things changed when I got a call from my best friend.


You know how your best friend can convince you to do anything? Even when you’ve told yourself no so many times the best friend can still talk you in to anything.  The last few years my travel plans were mostly non-existent. My best friend lives in Peru and she had been inviting me to stay with her for ages. I finally caved in and decided to take a well needed break. I went on a mission to find the cheapest possible tickets for Peru, and after days of going back and forth and double checking all the information I came to the conclusion that FareOAir offered the best rates. I was shocked at the discount I managed to get!

Mind you I didn’t travel business or first class. I just got a great deal on the economy class tickets. Despite the crying children and the bad food I reached Peru safely and had the time of my life. I spent two weeks there and those two weeks were one of the happiest of my life. I hadn’t emptied my bank account while purchasing the tickets, and had money to spare for shopping. I felt light and care free. It was such a well needed break. Peru was even more beautiful than I had imagined and spending quality time with my best friend was so worth it. She took me to all the touristy places, and the best restaurants in town. I have amazing memories canvassing my room now, and I plan to go again next year.

You can be sure I’ll be getting ticket that around 50 to 60% on FareOAir. The flight is for just a few hours. The main point of a trip is the destination. All I want is a safe Cheap flight tickets. Well, leg space wouldn’t hurt either but I’ll let that one go. I’m dreaming of Italy next.


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