Places of Interest in Hong Kong

Surrounded by the South China Sea and Pearl River delta, Hong Kong is situated in the south coast of China. This special administrative region of China is known for its vast development and good administration. The region is as interesting as its name. The tall buildings and fun places make it a top tourist destination. As one of the world’s leading financial centre, it is a hub of business activities. From business trips to leisurely trips, Hong Kong is visited by people from all around the world. Due to excessive flights to this region, cheap airline tickets are now readily available. So a visit is not as expensive as it used to be. Following are some of the interesting places located in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland


Located on the beautiful Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland together with Ocean Park Hong Kong are two of the most famous and large theme parks in Hong Kong. The Disneyland consists of seven themed zones. Each zone is unique and has its own attraction. The park has various fun rides, shops, restaurants and the live entertainment is quite fascinating too. The park also hosts a parade namely “Flights of Fantasy” and a nighttime firework show known as the “Disney in the Stars”. If you are visiting the Park during Christmas, Halloween or any other major day, you may be able to enjoy the park’s special seasonal entertainment shows like “Disney’s Haunted Halloween” and “A Sparkling Christmas”. The park generally holds many festive celebrations in order to attract people.

Victoria Peak

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The Victoria peak is a major tourist attraction. Also known as “Mount Peak”, this mountain is the highest mountain in the Hong Kong Island. It offers breathtaking views of the Lamma Island, Victoria Harbour and other Islands around it. It is the perfect place to take lots of pictures.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong


Located on the Hong Kong Island, this place is part of the popular chain of wax museums. The museum holds around 100 wax figures of famous international personalities. Posing with the wax figure of Michael Jackson or Angelina Jolie is always fun.

Sharp Island


The perfect place for BBQ’s, swimming, diving and partying. This island is beautiful and a must visit when you are in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum of Art


Hong Kong Museum of Art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a favorite amongst the art lovers. The museum displays a wide range of art including paintings, calligraphy and sculptures.

The Center

The Center

Having the privilege of being the fifth tallest sky scraper in Hong Kong, ‘The Center’ is beautifully made and interesting to explore. Its structure is made of steel and the whole building is a breathtaking sight due to the neon lights which glow at nighttime. This sky scraper was also featured in the movie ‘Dark Knight’.

Victoria Park

Named after the Queen of United Kingdom, the Victoria Park is perfect for hanging out and relaxing. It features a magnificent statue of Queen Victoria at its entrance. The park also hosts many fun Fairs and flower shows.

FareOAir | Top 5 daring activities


Traveling can be very thrilling and memorable if you choose the right kind of activities. If you are brave and willing, the following are the top five must do activities.

1. Paragliding

2Paragliding is an adventure sport in which a person is attached to a glider aircraft and can fly high up in the air. Paraglider flights can last for many hours and covers hundreds of kilometers. If you are skillful, you may gain height to an altitude of a few thousand meters. Gliding in the sky in a beautiful surrounding will be an experience you won’t forget easily.  Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Indonesia are some of the best places for this sport. The thrill of paragliding is unmatchable. This experience will make you feel like you have wings.

2. Bungee Jumping

3Bungee jumping involves jumping down from a tall structure while connected by a long rope. Usually the jump is made from a tall bridge, building or a helicopter. When the person jumps, the rope stretches and the jumper goes all the way down and then flies upwards again. This continues for a while. The thrill that comes from the free falling is indescribable. Queenstown, New Zealand and Switzerland are most famous places for Bungee Jumping.

3. Shark Cage Diving And Viewing

4That once in a lifetime eye to eye contact with a giant big shark is a moment you won’t forget easily. Divers who are safe in a cage are able to see sharks very near them under the water. The sharks may even come right up to the boat from where you can view them and take lots of pictures. Daring people can even volunteer to touch the shark’s head. With the sharks just a few centimeters away, a faint hearted person is definitely advised to stay away. Cape Town, South Africa is the popular destination for this activity.

4. Sky Diving

5 Exiting an aircraft and returning to the earth with the aid of gravity and then slowing down with the use of a parachute will give you a thrill beyond imagination. Make sure that you try this with your friends. The more the merrier.

5. Cliff Diving

6Diving into the water from a high cliff is definitely one of the most daring activities you might ever do in your life. Braving the rough rocks, divers have to take a plunge in the hard-hitting water beneath. Cliff diving originates from Hawaii and is still the most popular activity there.



Everyone has their fears although most of us would not like to admit to the fact but deep down we all are afraid of something. At an early age most of us are scared of the dark or monsters under the bed. Some are afraid of heights whereas some of us are afraid of enclosed spaces such as elevators. I on the other hand have a very different kind of fear, the fear of the end of the world and to top it all off ZOMBIES!!!! Yes you read it right, I am afraid of encountering the living dead. Maybe it’s because of watching too many Hollywood films of this genre but who knows what’s cooking in all these Government financed science labs, maybe it’s a deadly virus that will lead to the end of the

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world and unleash zombies upon the human kind. So I decided to come up with a list of things necessary for you to know in case my worst fears are realized and a few living souls are left to fight for their lives against the un-dead.

1)      Use your head, cut off theirs: Not trying to sound too macho or anything but if after watching all the horror films one thing will stop those zombies for sure is to cut off their heads at the first opportunity you get i.e. SHOW NO MERCY!!

2)      No place is safe, only safer: When seeking to take refuge in an abandoned building, keep one thing in mind that no place on the earth is safe anymore. Sure, you might feel secured in a building with a single exit that you have barricaded but those sick things will sooner or later find a way in and have your brains for a nice buffet dinner. So don’t get complacent even once.


3) Change countries: Maybe your hometown is the only place   that   has been affected; maybe those nerdy Asians have already found the cure. It’s worth a shot to go in search of greener pastures, you will not even need to buy a flight ticket anymore because, guess what, that beautiful attendant who always checked your flight ticket before boarding the plane is just an ugly zombie now.

  4)      Raid a gun store: Hey no one is going to judge you anymore!! Forget all your morals; forget all that you have been taught about stealing. Survival is much more important right now than acting as a model citizen for the city filled with zombies. Just go raid a gun store and stock up as much as possible on both arms and ammo because you can practice your aim on those zombies from a safe distance.

5)      Stay away from the capitals: Of course all of us grew up wanting to live in the big city and enjoy all the hustle 3and bustle that comes with it but until a cure is found it is much safer to make base at a far off location on the country side where the zombies will find it difficult to locate your all so delicious human brain. And without zombies running around in three piece suits and latest Armani accessories around you, you will have ample time to build a fortress.

Hopefully the above points will help you survive a little bit longer and maybe even outlast the dawn of the dead but in case you are rich enough you can always build yourself a house on the moon and book your flight ticket right before the outburst.

London, I miss you!


I hate hurried trips. Whenever I’m traveling, I like to plan it nicely. However there are days when you don’t have enough time for planning and thinking. This was exactly my situation a few months back. The firm I was training with gave me an opportunity to attend a conference in London. It was a three-day function and I had to travel right away. I had never been to London and worst I had never travelled alone before. Though the thought of attending the conference excited me but the travel scared me. The firm gave me the opportunity of attending the conference. However I had to bear all the expenses myself including the airfare. Also I had to be back at work on the fourth day.

It was a great opportunity. I didn’t want to miss it. The first and most important thing was to book a ticket. I didn’t know how easy it was to find cheap tickets to London till I looked for them. Actually you can find cheap airline tickets to any place these days. The world of Internet has made things so accessible and easy.  It took very little time to book a flight to London, that too at a very cheap price. I was happy.


London is a big, busy city. I just had three days there. Most of my daytime was spent at the conference, which left me with late afternoons and evenings to myself. London has many car services available at all times. Out of those, you can find multiple cheap car services. Though the London tube is extremely popular, I didn’t have enough time for exploring. I booked a car service, which took me wherever I wanted. This saved me a lot of time. Also I didn’t have to find ways to all these places I wanted to visit. The driver would just take me wherever I told him to go.

The first thing to see was the London Eye. London eye is the world’s highest observation wheel. One ride almost takes thirty minutes. In these thirty minutes, you get to see many of London’s famous landmarks. Though I’m scared of heights, I took the plunge and sat on it. The experience was breath taking. Next place I visited was Madame Tussads. I met a number of famous personalities from different eras and took numerous pictures with them. So what if they were wax statues, they looked so real! I visited Tower of London next. I’ve always been fascinated by history and this place didn’t fail to fascinate me more. I had to make myself come back from there. Whatever time I was left with was spent at Oxford Street shopping. Oxford Street is a dream come true for shopaholics. What I loved the most were the designer outlet stores there. I bought multiple bags and shoes at such great deals.

The conference was amazing. I got to meet so many people from my profession. It was not only informative but also helped me greatly in networking. Apart from that, I saw the highlights of London in three days. I experienced the London eye, took pictures at Madame Tussads, went to the London tower and got some great deals at the Oxford Street. What more could I ask for! I was back at work the fourth day wearing my new designer bag, with loads of pictures in my laptop to show to my colleagues. London, I miss you!

Life in Manhattan

In today’s world, everything has become so expensive. With the recession and inflation going side-by-side, life has become hard. Making ends meet is a tough job nowadays. The finance sector has been hit by recession the most. Top-notch officials are being laid off leaving families worried with all the mortgage payments and bills. It’s not just an issue with the high officials. Even people with small odd jobs are struggling with keeping their jobs. Poverty has become a worldwide issue. It will take a long time to cover the damage done by recession. People will have to learn to live with it for the time being by making adjustments to their way of living.


Here’s a perfect example. You were working for a corporate company located in Manhattan making big dollars.  Your lifestyle matched your earnings and the Manhattan rich community. One day you found out that you no longer had your amazing highly paid job. The question is how to live in a small budget when you’re used to spending a lot. It would definitely require big alterations to the way you’re used to living.

The first thing is your accommodation. I’m sure if you worked in Manhattan, you must have gotten an apartment there too. It’s time to move out. There are many small towns or suburbs near your city, which could be an ideal choice for you. Life in the big city is always expensive. Accommodation, taxi fares, food, and clubs…everything is high-end in terms of price. Moving to a smaller town would mean saving up on a lot of things. You could get cheap accommodation in a good locality very easily.  Public transport is also very cheap there. Keeping a car in the suburbs is not expensive either. Parking is free in most areas. Living in the suburbs also means enjoying neighborhood barbeque parties and staying away from loud traffic and over populated streets. Enjoy the peace in a budget friendly way.

If you like to travel, there are many ways to cut down there too. Firstly, look for destinations, which are less touristy and inexpensive. Places with cheap hotels and travel would be ideal. You could start with cheap airline tickets. Finding low rate flights is not a mystery. It is actually a very easy task if you try a little. Many websites selling airline tickets have discounts on them. You can easily find a suitable cheap airline ticket within a few minutes of web search. Furthermore instead of staying in five star hotels, you could go for a four star this time. Four-star hotels are quite comfortable which lack only a few small extra benefits from a five star hotel. In terms of hotel bookings, you can find great deals online. Many times you can find combined hotel and air ticket deals very cheap.

Affinia Manhattan hotel

There are many other small modifications, which you can make to your lifestyle. These small changes will eventually have a huge impact on your savings. Till you find a good enough job, look for areas where you can save. You never know but the big city girl in you might start enjoying the suburb life!

Warner Bros. Studios – Harry Potter World

June 26th, 1997 was the date when the first Harry Potter book was published. After its publication, millions of people around the world began their journey to the wizarding world. J.K Rowling had people of every age hooked up to the 7 book series. Along with the books came the exciting movies that released with 1-year gaps in between. Located in London, Warner bros. Studios, the place where all the movies were shot is now a popular attraction to people. Today, everyone around the globe wants to see the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends.


When making a trip to London, initially one must get the flight tickets keeping in mind the weather over there. Mostly the best time to visit London is in summers. Although the snow factor is appealing but if you want to move around outdoors, the winters of London can be harsh and may be a hassle. Visiting the Harry Potter studios in summer is definitely more convenient and easy. After deciding what time of the year you’re making your trip, obviously the main focus should be on getting discounted airfares. The flight should be a comfortable one so that you are not too tired when the later tour of the studios begins. Apart from being comfortable, one must try and get discounted flight tickets which will be a huge help on the budget of this trip.

A double-decker bus departs from central London every few hours and it takes visitors to the exotic studios of the Harry Potter movies. The tour can be booked easily on the internet. One must try and avail discounts and different incentive packages that are occasionally available for tourists. Inside the studios, you get to see the authentic sets and props which were used in the movies. All costumes worn by the characters can be viewed personally. You can actually walk through the famous Diagon Alley featuring the shop fronts of Ollivander’s wand shop, Flourish and Blotts (the famous wizarding book shop), the weazley’s wizard wheazes (owned by the much loved characters of Fred and George), the Gringotts Wizarding Bank where most thrilling things happened in the movies and lastly the Eyelops Owl Emporium. I have been told that the place leaves you enchanted and you almost start believing in magic.


A camera is a must have thing while you are touring all these fictional places in real life. Take the unique chance to visit the actual Harry Potter sets and you will not regret it. This trip is a must do for all Harry Potter fans. But the best part is that even if you are not a big Harry Potter fan, you can still enjoy the place. The wonderful special effects, animatronics, props and huge buildings are fascinating to almost everybody. The Warner Bros. Studios tour gives you an insight to the extraordinary artistry, technology and talent that went into making the famous Harry Potter films. What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now and book the cheapest flight you can get to the exciting world of magic and thrill.

Mauritius – Heaven on Earth

Mauritius is called the ‘Heaven on Earth’ and the island truly justifies the tag. The sensational resorts and the crystal clear water make the trip an unforgettable one for the visitors. There are restaurants, casinos and clubs that ensure that people visiting the island have ample activity throughout the course of their vacation.

However, a vacation for a good ten days can weigh heavy on the pocket as accommodation and entertainment is expensive. There are ways of saving money and one of the most important things is getting the best possible deal on flight tickets. Discounted airfare will ensure that there is considerable money to spend on other activities.


It is obviously wise to spend less on the travel so that a considerable sum of money can be spent on the sensational facilities provided at the Mauritius Island. Looking for the best possible rates on tickets should be one of the main objectives of the traveller. There are endless white beaches that will surely be an exhilarating experience for visitors.

However, the time of the visit is extremely important so that the cultural and religious festivals are not missed as they are the highlight of the year in this part of the world. A visit to Port Louis, which is the capital of Mauritius, should always be on the list because of the brilliant architecture of the buildings and the vibrant markets in the city. Also, the Caudan Waterfront Casino in the city is extremely popular with tourists as it offers a host of games.

Apart from the beaches and beauty, there are a host of activities that the tourists can get their hands on. Surfing, sky-diving, golf, shopping, diving and sailing can all be done at this island.

One of the most popular things in Mauritius is the cuisine. The local foods are extremely popular with tourists and have a huge market during the season. Apart from the local cuisine, there is a variety of foods offered to visitors which includes Chinese food, Indian food and European food.

Ten days may not be enough to explore Mauritius as there are a number of places that need to be visited. Every place from the north to south and from the east to west has its own specialty and attractions which need not to be missed.


Considering the high living cost in Mauritius, it is always viable to make the bookings months before you plan to visit. Small advance payments have to be made but this may save thousands of dollars. Luxury resorts charge heavily but a discounted rate can be negotiated if the payments for the bookings are made ahead of time.

Mauritius is one of the most popular holiday and honeymoon destinations in the world and it is a must visit for people who admire beauty and nature. Booking a flight to the turquoise waters in the Indian Ocean may cost a considerable sum but every penny is surely worth the spending in the end.

Plan A Vacation On A Budget

We’re often so consumed with buying cheap flight tickets that we miss out on all the other aspects of planning a trip when on a budget. How does one do that? The first step is covering all your basis. There is no denying that one should focus on getting a cheap ticket first. As stressed before the best time to book a ticket is a month or two in advance.  Once that is done check the baggage limit of the chosen airline, you don’t want to over-pack. There isn’t a huge difference between baggage limit these days, the number varies only slightly.

7EV31VTV1holiday_pkgWhen packing for a vacation always pack light. Most of us tend to over pack and then end up not using most of the items. One has to keep in mind that you’re going to be shopping at the desired destination as well, and that will be added to your already over packed suitcase.

Most business class and first class tickets come with a complimentary chauffer driven car. The cattle class (as some enjoy calling it) doesn’t have the luxury of a suited driver waiting for us on arrival. We’re left to hail a taxi or rent a car. We all know that taxis can be expensive and renting a car can often be a problem because they’re so many companies to choose from at the airport. So what does one do?

Check all the cheap car services in the area beforehand. Don’t wait for the last minute and chose one that just might be the most expensive of the lot. Arrive at your destination with the knowledge of which cheap car service you’re going to choose once you’ve landed. This will not only save you money but your time and energy as well.

22One of my best friends went to Australia and New Zealand with her husband earlier this year. They spent good two weeks exploring both the countries and taking in the sights and sounds of some of the most beautiful places in the world. My friend, who is a great photographer, put up breathtaking pictures on Facebook.  The couple flew to Australia and then hired a car and stayed a night or two in different cities. Their mini road trips gave them a chance to experience the country in a new light. They weren’t flying over it; they were driving through some breathtaking scenery and picturesque towns.

Last year my family and I went to Amritsar, India and then traveled to four different cities. The car we hired was at a reasonable rate, but what made the deal even sweeter was that it came with a driver. Traffic in India varies in every city and only an Indian can navigate through such rough traffic. The longest we travelled was from Amritsar to Patiala. It took us more than ten hours to reach Patiala, and by the time we reached our destination we were all so tired and that we felt like we’d walked a marathon.

Eat, Pray, Fly with Cheap Tickets

Have you read Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia? It is a memoir by American author Elizabeth Gilbert that came out in 2006. The memoir chronicles the author’s trip around the world after her divorce and what she discovered during her travels. The book remained on The New York Times Best Seller list for 187 weeks. Julia Roberts starred in the movie version in 2010. Although the movie was captivating, but like any other adaption it didn’t do justice to the book.

For me it was inspiring how the protagonist decides to take the plunge and start a new life. She buys a cheap airline ticket to Italy first and starts afresh and no thought of what the future might bring. It must have been so scary and exhilarating at the same time. Keep in mind this is a true story and someone actually had the courage to take charge of their life like this. She didn’t just want to be a part of a bubble that society had molded for her, instead she wanted to live life for herself and be happy.

One of my favorite parts of the book was when she moved to Italy. Hello, would someone book me a cheap flight to Italy as well? In the movie Italy looked gorgeous, and oh my, the amount of pasta Julia Roberts character ate! No wonder her pants couldn’t fit her anymore. The best part was the happiness she found in her new life, it was so infectious. I was smiling the whole time while watching the movie and wished I could all that as well.

kglfjgjIf airline flights were cheap and I had a Eat, Pray, Love moment my first stop would definitely be Italy as well. I don’t think I will be eating as much pasta as she did though. I can see myself being charmed by the city and will just let myself go.

I know this sounds random, but my next stop would be Greece instead of India or Indonesia. Elizabeth Gilbert, was in search of faith and peace that is why she made it a point to go to India and Indonesia after Italy. I’ve been to India already and I didn’t find that it inspired me in anyway. For me, life’s mysteries aren’t solved by Indian monks, and neither is faith restored by them. I would like to learn meditation from them sure, but I’m good at the religious front thank you very much (not to disrespect all those interested in going to Hindu monks though).

indexIndonesia isn’t on my cards either. If Hindu monks couldn’t do it for me, then I’m pretty sure Indonesian Buddhists monk won’t inspire me either. Although the part in which the monk reads her hand and later the prediction comes true is amazing. You have to keep in mind this book is a memoir and not a fiction novel, and that moment when the predictions come true is something a romantics dreams are made of.  A cheap ticket to anywhere in the world can change one’s life if you’d let it.

Travelling For The First Time On Cheap Airline Ticket

My best friend duly pointed out that I am a queen. Even though I’m a little embarrassed by the title, I couldn’t agree more. I am so spoiled it’s not even funny. Having traveled business class for three years every summer I was used to all the perks that came with it. Less lines at the counters, first to step on the plane, the business class lounge, and the extra luggage space was something that I had gotten used to. (I’m not sure if more luggage space is available for all airlines, but it is with Gulf).

imagesLast year I went to visit my friend in Dubai. Yes, I know this story has been repeated quite a few times. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, there’s a different side to this one. It was the first time I was travelling alone, and I had chosen one of the cheap flights to Dubai *gulp*. I was so scared, because I didn’t know how I was going to maneuver through the airport (you’re free to role your eyes now). My best friend had specifically told me exactly what I should expect at the Dubai Airport. Knowing me, she was more scared for me than I was.

As I said, my best friend and I both agree that I’m a spoilt queen (I don’t like the word brat). I didn’t have to worry about what I’d go through at my local airport. (Oh, the shame) My uncle works at a high profile government job, and his protocol officer literally whisked me through every step. I reached the plane five minutes before it was about to take off because I had arrived at the airport fifteen minutes before the flight took off. Very dramatic, I know!


So this babied woman was supposed to manage herself at DXB, how crazy! With my heart thumbing I got off the plane at DXB and followed the other passengers. If you, like me, are traveling alone for the first time on cheap airline tickets this is what I recommend you should do. I followed them down the escalators, along corridors, on the walking belt. You name it and I followed them, hoping that I wasn’t following the people who were in Dubai for a stopover.

I reached the customs counter in one piece, and I got in line. After I got through customs, which was a little nerve wrecking because the Arab had to tell me to look in to the eye piece twice. The second time he told me I got a little flustered, I was looking in to that damn thing already! I started making my way to the escalator when I heard someone call my name. I maybe a spoiled queen, but I’m not a famous one, so I was a little surprised when I heard someone call out to me. It was my mother’s cousin. I was saved! She and I went through rest of DXB together.

On my way back home, I toughened up. I did everything on my own, which was a little scary at first but at the same time very liberating. I got my boarding pass, managed to check in my luggage (which was thankfully just below the required weight), got through all the security checks and spent an hour at the duty free. One thing I made sure to do this time, rather than follow someone was to ask around if I got lost or didn’t know where to go. It made me feel safe that I was walking the right way. I also made sure to check the directions on the signs as well.


On arrival at my local airport, the protocol officer was waiting for me as soon as I got off the plane. Later that day, a concerned best friend called to make sure I had landed safely and that I had managed to get on the right plane. I’ve been obsessively checking cheap flights to Dubai these last few weeks. I want a cheap ticket, that I can easily save up for.  I’m going again in a months’ time, and this time I am prepared! I refuse to be babied at any airport other than my own! (haha!)